Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get the Word Out About Your Kindle eBook's Free Days

I publish my eBooks through Amazon, and like a lot of self-published writers, I've been making use of their KDL Select free days. That means writers can offer their work for free every now and then, and readers get the chance to feed a hungry Kindle and discover something new. I love this program, but one thing that can be a real challenge for both readers and writers is finding a good place to share all this information. Sure, there are free eBook forums, but most of them frown on having the authors list their own stuff. And as a reader, it can be a bit frustrating combing the forums. So I thought perhaps we'd all come together here.

I don't have a clever name for it yet, but as soon as inspirations strikes, I'll let you know. But the unnamed event will happen here at every Friday. I'll put up a post with a Mr. Linky form that authors can use to list their eBooks and the days they'll be up for free. Readers can swing by and check out the list in an easy click-click way.

While a new post will be added each Friday, it'll be there to use all week long. Just swing by and scroll down to get to the most recent Friday post, and have at it!

Please spread the word, be you reader or writer. The bigger this gets, the more useful a tool it'll be for everyone.

Oh, and if you have a clever name for this thing? Just let me know.

See you tomorrow right here!

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