Friday, June 1, 2012

I've Just Given Birth to an ebook - I Wonder if There's a Tea for That

I've just published my latest ebook, "Teas for Life: 101 Herbal Teas for Greater Health." There's something about the writing process - any creative process, for that matter - that is like giving birth. Except there is no epidural for birthing a book. Which means the neighbors have to listen to me scream throughout the process, and no one gets to smoke a cigar afterwards. But when it's done, I am the proud mother of a brand new ebook. Shining, not quite sure what to do with itself, but so darned cute. People will stop by and say congratulations, then they'll leave and whisper that it's a funny looking kid but sure to be loved, anyway.

I'll probably wake up in the middle of the night and wonder how my e-baby is doing. Is it selling? Are people perusing Amazon in the middle of the night and clicking the "Buy Now" button? Will it graduate high school with honors and get a scholarship to Harvard?

Overall, I'm already proud of my new e-baby. A lot went into this one. (Have you ever had to research the chemical composition of the wahoo plant?) I poured over my herb notes, gathered together as many uses for each of the 101 herbs as I could find, and tried to organize them so they made sense. I cross-referenced dosages so I don't OD people on pine twigs. I even dug up a multitude of weird and unusual trivia on each plant. (Did you know ancient myths claim parsley came from the spilled blood of Archemorus while he was getting eaten by serpents? Ugh.)

A fun baby to grow, this ebook. But I've read it about 17 times now and it's time for me to turn it over to the rest of the world. Push it from the nest, hope it eats healthy when I not watching, and that it gets to bed at a decent hour. I may stare out the window and wonder why it doesn't call home more often, but I'll always remember the good old days when I was writing the first scratchings of it, sipping my herbal tea and dreaming about what it'd grow up to be.


  1. Whew! The birth process. Congratulations, Diane.

  2. Thanks for the heads up that yours will be free! I will make sure that I watch for them tomorrow.
    My email is writter 1969 at yahoo dot com if you would ever like to email.
    Katlupe with Homesteading on the internet blog is also great for reviewing and putting up links of books of this type too!