Friday, June 29, 2012

Veggie Nut Burgers and Chocolate Smoothies

On Monday, it will officially be one month since I started fiddling with green smoothie recipes for my up-and-coming recipe book. Things have changed for me in four weeks. I expected to have four week's worth of recipes. I do have that, but I also have four week's worth of major health changes.

To my surprise, my breathing continues to improve every day. The asthma I thought was not that big of a deal turned out to be worse than I'd imagined - at least when I compare my breathing now to what I've been used to my entire life. Breathing is a wonderful thing. This is my new mantra. My energy levels continue to climb, and I have this sense of balance and well-being that I'm not accustomed to. You see, I'm generally rather high strung. In case you've never noticed.

As my health improves, so does my hunger for healthy foods. I've always eaten fruit, and I'm fine having a salad with dinner. But now I really, really want fruit and salads and greens. I can't go through a produce department at the store without accidentally knocking several peaches, a pineapple, and various other items I can't pronounce but they look good and make me drool a little. I worry about what to do with them when I get home.

Yesterday, I visited a large botanical garden and sculpture park. While strolling through the beautiful flowers and greenery, I noticed several big pots of ornamental lettuces. I actually salivated. My first thought was not, "Oh, that looks so nice next to the chrysanthemums." Instead, I instinctively wondered if anyone would notice if I grabbed a handful for a light snack.

Today, I decided to give a raw food recipe a whirl. Raw foods baffle me, I'll not lie. While my first instinct is to just enjoy a salad when the strange urge for raw stuff hits me, I wanted to be a bit more adventurous. But so often, the recipes look complicated. No pans. No oven. No grease. Okay, maybe it's less complicated, but it's foreign to me and somewhat scary. All those seeds and grated veggies. This time, I used a food processor and fresh ingredients: almonds, sunflowers, carrots, onions, dill and parsley, lemon juice. Grind, grind, dump, shape. Done. I put the convincing-looking patties on beds of lettuce, topped them with tomatoes and a dollop of mustard. Then with a sense of delighted shock, I scarfed those puppies down. Even my little boy asked for seconds. Yes, we're going to have them for dinner, too.

Let's not forget the amazing cherry chocolate smoothie we indulged in this morning. A banana, 1/2 a cup of pitted black cherries, 2 tablespoons raw cocoa, 2 1/2 cups water, and 2 cups of spinach (which you cannot taste, not at all, trust me.) Heavenly. I thought I had another glass left and was looking forward to it at lunch, but apparently I drank it when I wasn't looking.

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  1. hello new friend! I LOVED reading this - and know exactly the great feelings that eating whole and healthy can do! contrary to some of the indulgent recipes I share on spabettie, I eat clean and raw a lot of the time, and juice every day. my allergy symptoms (congestion) and aches (inflammation) have been reduced greatly. (and when I eat bread I feel it, pay for it!).

    anyway, I saw your tweet to me, came here looking for your dachshunds, happy to see this! I have added you to my reader!