Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Wildcrafter - A Blog for Herb-Heads

If you've been hanging with me on the blogosphere these past six years, you know by now I occasionally get a wild hair and start a new blog. It's a sort of addiction, a blogging disease, I like to think of as chronic blogging syndrome. The symptoms tend to include having half the letters missing from your keyboard (much to the spouse's chagrin), mumbling things about headers and SEO's, and the random starting of a new blog.

I suppose I'm off the hook on that last one. The Wildcrafter has been a long time coming. What has been my main blog for many years, dkMommy Spot, has been getting rather top heavy. Not that I don't still love it or will abandon it, but it's creaking like an old ship. Over 1,000 posts, over 100,000 comments, and somewhere around 1 million and a half hits have definitely made me one happy blogger. Fed the addiction, yes it did. But I've wanted to put my herbal bloggings in their own spot for a long time. Not all of them; herbs have been a mainstay of dkMommy Spot. But being an herbalism addict as well as a blogging addict, I figure it's time I have a place for the more hardcore stuff. (Please don't set up an intervention. I'm not ready yet.)

The Wildcrafter is more in the vein of my herbalism ebooks - herbalism seasoned with humor. So if you'd like to visit me there, I'd be more than happy to make you a cup of tea. Perhaps chamomile? Yerba mate? Your pick, I have a myriad of choices. And I'm sure I'll be blogging about them soon.

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