Friday, July 6, 2012

Get a Free Copy of Teas for Life: 101 Herbal Teas for Greater Health!

Blame it on the heat wave if you like, but I feel like doing something special just for my readers: If you leave a comment here with your email address sometime before July 13, 2012, I'll email you a FREE copy of my latest ebook, Teas for Life: 101 Herbal Teas for Greater Health. Yes, just because.  I probably should dress up in a cowboy hat and ride an ostrich around a used car lot while yelling "FREE! The greatest deal on herbal ebooks, right here at Diane's ebook ranch. I'm out of my mind!" But it's too hot to wear a cowboy hat, and I can't find an ostrich.

If you enjoy the book (or even if you'd like to throw it if it weren't lodged inside your Kindle), I'd love to have you leave your opinion on Amazon.

So Hurry, Hurry, Hurry to this post's comments box now! Operators are standing by! Act Now! Now! Do it! (You know you want to, even though I didn't deliver on the ostrich.)

Note: If you don't have a Kindle, don't despair. You can get a free Kindle app on Amazon for your PC, Mac, iPhone, android tablet, or papyrus scroll.


  1. Hi Diane, I'd love a free copy of your eBook! I enjoy reading your tweets and would love to see this eBook in particular as I drink gallons of herbal tea. I'll gladly leave you a review on Amazon too!
    Lorraine :)

  2. Thank you so much for offering a free copy! I look forward to reading & reviewing it.


  3. There's an offer I can't refuse as I'm such a tea hound! I would love a copy of your ebook and will happily submit a review for you.


  4. Hello again - forgot to list my e-mail address, d'oh. It's

  5. I already have a copy and I love it! You are hysterical. Thanks for the offer.

  6. I would LOVE a copy of your e-book please? Am an avid fan from South Africa.


  7. I love growing herbs by the backdoor at home and at our community garden, looking forward to expanding our herb tea repertoire :-) contact via permiesarecool at gmail dot com

  8. Hi Diane, I never received the copy of my eBook - it may have got stuck in my spam folder? (which I see was automatically emptied by hotmail...). Could you please re-send if possible? guitarwoman at hotmail dot com. Many, many thanks!

  9. Hello
    I would greatly appreciate a free copy of your e-book. I am into herbal teas and really want to learn the proper ways to proceed.

    contact at