Saturday, September 1, 2012


I keep having dreams that I'm running.

Not the usual dreams where someone is chasing me and my feet have become one with the cement. But the kind that mean freedom. Last night in my dream, it was raining and I was running in my new shoes. And laughing.

You see, last night, I bought running shoes. Not last night in my dream, but last night in an athletic store. The very place I usually shun and gripe about having to enter because there's nowhere proper to read my Kindle while my husband and son drool over soccer balls and cross trainers.

I've been wanting to go running for awhile now, ever since my lungs opened up and the asthma went to be wherever asthma goes when you radically change your diet. If you have known me since childhood, you'll know that running is only something I do while trying to outpace a wasp. I was the kid who would do anything to avoid gym class, would break out in hives every Wednesday just moments before P.E. I was the kid who always got hit in the head with the volley ball.

But now I want to go running. And standing in line at the checkout last night, I felt like I was holding more than a new pair of shoes. I was holding a milestone.

I'm not going to do this to prove something to myself. I'm not going to do it to prove something to others, or to complete an experiment for a book. I'm going to do it because I want to. I really want to.


  1. Go for it.
    I ran four times a week for nearly forty years and I loved every moment of it. I can't run anymore but I'll remember it fondly.
    Just don't go berserk until you're used to it or your running career will be very short.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Roger! I'll definitely be taking it easy at first. After recently combatting a lifetime of asthma, my lungs are going to need a slow start, but I can't wait!

  3. I just started running about 2 years ago. My asthma is gone too. I am totally addicted. I have been injured for a week and I am completely envious of everyone I see running. I actually just got a PT job at one of those stores you were in last night so I can be more selective about my freelance work. Total turnaround from me hating running just a few years ago. Now I help other people get started. Training is like a center for me now. It is very freeing. Just take it slow and walk when you want (intervals are great!). Before you know it you'll be hooked.

  4. How did you get rid of your asthma? Do you think the running helped it? I cut lots of foods out of my diet that I figured out were causing it, and I've greatly increased fresh fruits & vegs.

    I'll definitely take your advice on intervals!

  5. Good for you! I am a fitness fanatic and crave the feeling I get when my heart starts pumping, you are going to feel so good. Google "Couch to 5K" great resource for getting started.

  6. Oh, thank you! I wanted to read up on it somewhere but wasn't sure where to go. I'll check that resource out. I appreciate your encouragement!

  7. Good for you, Kid! Keep up the hard work writing and, now, running!! Glad you feel so good!!!!!

  8. Thanks so much! Just finished my 2nd day of running, and it was amazing. I can't express to you how shocked I am that, for once in my life, my lungs are outpacing the rest of me. Normally, running even a tiny bit put my heart pounding against my rib cage so hard it was scary. Now? I don't have that at all. Not one bit. I can talk after I run, I can still breathe. I'd say I feel 20 again, but I didn't feel like this when I was 20.