Saturday, September 22, 2012

Smoothie Power! Time to Dust Off your Cape

Wonder Woman's Gonna be Jealous.
Crack out your x-ray glasses and pull on your knee-high boots - Smoothie Power! Recipes for Weight Loss, Vitality, & the Occasional Superpower is fresh off the e-presses and still steaming. I'm even more excited than usual (which means it's near embarrassing levels).

The research I did on this book changed my life. An exagerration? A late-night infomercial claim? No, it's just me being amazed at how big and unexpected this change was for me. I've learned I can control my asthma with food, and that I don't have to shove myself into denial because I can't eat this or that. I've learned that I can stuff myself and eat all day if I want to (I usually want to) if I eat the right things, and I won't get a muffin top. I've learned that drinking tall glasses of green stuff in the park makes people stare, especially when you pass the glass to your child.

And I've learned I have superpowers. Not x-ray vision or flying, but when you've been weighed down your whole life with something like asthma, having it lifted away does make me think I might be able to at least punch out a bad guy with a ski mask. Or kick. I think I'd do pretty well with kicking about now.

If you're a paperback type of person, Smoothie Power! will be ready for you the last week of September. Both Kindle and paperback offer over 100 smoothie recipes, a selection of raw soups and salad dressings, witty banter, how-to info, and other good things.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go change my clothes in a telephone booth before my morning run.


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