Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cardamom – A Natural Remedy for Nausea & Queasy Stomachs

Cardamom is a wonderful herb probably most recognizable to us in the West as an Indian cooking spice. But what this plant’s fragrant little seedpods hold is much more than culinary delight. Its use as one of the more tasty natural remedies for nausea and queasy stomachs sets it apart.

Cardamom is actually a member of the ginger family. As you may recall, ginger (Zingiber officinale) is another effective anti-nausea remedy, but what’s so charming about cardamom is its tidy packaging in the form of a pod, making it nature’s portable solution for the queasies.

Cardamom pods come in green, black, and bleached white. Oftentimes the best pods, which are saved for culinary use, are bleached before sale. Any of the three colors will work, however, and the pods keep well for years. I have a batch I use that was purchased about four or five years ago and they’re still quite effective.

To use a cardamom pod to ease stomach upset, break open the outside and remove the small black seeds. You can break off a seed (they’re sort of segmented chunks) and suck on the small piece, breaking it apart occasionally with your teeth. You can swallow it when you’re done if you wish, or spit it out; it’s up to you.

You’ll find the cardamom tastes so good and refreshing that you may enjoy carrying a few in your purse or pocket to use as breath fresheners. You’ll also find cardamom such an impressive natural remedy for general queasiness, nausea, even a nervous stomach, that you’ll want to keep them as a permanent member of your herbal medicine chest!

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