Sunday, November 18, 2012

I Take Mine with Lemon – Home Remedies Instead of Deodorant

Here are some natural home remedies you can try instead of the usual deodorant. This article originally posted on my blog dkMommy Spot in May of 2007. I still use these underarm remedies.

When I was pregnant, I suddenly became acutely aware of the food I ate, and also the products I used on my body. For instance, deodorant became more of a concern. Knowing things like aluminum and talc were present and bad for not only me but my baby as well, I began eliminating certain products. And after I gave birth and began breastfeeding, the same concerns lingered. I learned that what you use on your pits travels nicely to the breast milk. I’d already tried using an interesting solution in place of deodorant, and I’ve also come across some other alternatives; some of them more – ahem – unusual than others.

I’ll start with my favorite, one that was told to me by a coworker. It’s simple, portable, and it sure smells nice! Lemon. Yes, folks, plain old lemon. You can squeeze a little of the juice on your hand and rub it under your arms. It’s a deodorant and a surprisingly effective antiperspirant. I’ve even taken slices of lemon to work with me. (During certain parts of pregnancy, a little extra protection is good to carry around.) I prefer an actual lemon to the little plastic bottles shaped like lemon, as those have additives. And since the point is to eliminate that sort of thing, it’s good to go straight to the source.

I’ve tried baking soda, and although that works okay, it can sting after shaving. It also irritates some people’s skin. But if you mix it with water and wash with it, I’m told it works nicely.
For persistent body odor, you may be magnesium deficient. Try taking magnesium tablets and see if that helps over time. Some swear by it.

The granddaddy of them all, however, is an old Peruvian remedy. You only need to do this 4 times a year, thank God. Here are the ingredients if you are truly desperate: 1 cup syrup, 2 tbs. lemon, and 10 crushed fireflies. (Or for you Southerners, lightning bugs.) Apparently if you apply this mixture to the ol’ pits and wrap it in Saran wrap for 30 minutes, you shower yourself to fresher underarms. They do suggest stocking up on the bugs for the winter months as they are hard to come by. This gets the gold medal in the gross category. Or shall I say “cate-GORY”.

Whatever your preference, there is something satisfying in finding the natural way to solve life’s little problems, no matter the odor! Overall, I suggest the lemon minus the lightnin’ bugs. Unless you like glow-in-the-dark pits.

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