Thursday, April 11, 2013

Some of My Best Friends Are Plants: A Short Memoir

My memoir: Now available on Amazon

I have finally done it. I have published my memoir. Or sort of, anyway. This isn't the kind of epic tome that waxes poetic about a sullen childhood or life of crime or six marriages, three of which were to political figures who left me in puddles of tears. Although that would certainly make for interesting reading, it is not my story. My story is about plants.

As the title denotes, it is a short memoir, about the equivalent of 40 paperback pages. So as you can well imagine, it is not my entire life's story. (I am not so young as to fill only 40 pages with life.) Instead, think of it as a slice of pie, a little wedge of who I am and why I am such a bad gardener.

Come to think of it, the memoir does not answer the bad gardener question. That's because I have no idea why I am a bad gardener. But there it is in print -- or in e-ink -- admitting to the world my shortcomings and heartless (albeit unintentional) slaughter of many, many innocent plants.

Mostly, however, it's a story of how plants have been a part of my life from the beginning, and how my relationship with them went from one of perhaps confusion to one of tight friendship. Yes, I talk to my plants. There. I've said it. You can take that as a sign of lunacy, or you can accept it for what it is: a sign of lunacy.

Bottom line, plants don't talk back. They are very good listeners. And they never once criticized my out-loud readings to them. In fact, I do believe they rather enjoyed hearing my memoir recitations. I'm pretty sure I even saw my ficus smile, and that is no easy task. (He has cabin fever and is impatiently awaiting warmer weather so he can hang out on the back deck once again.)

So there you have it. The memoir is complete and is available on Amazon for the mere pittance of 99 cents. Why 99 cents, you ask? Haven't the Indie writers gotten over that whole 99 cent business? Yes, for the most part we have, but I felt like reminiscing. Besides, it's new and I'm excited about it and the ficus says that it's worth about 99 cents.

Here's where you find my new and profound work: Some of My Best Friends Are Plants.


  1. I have most of your books and I love them. Thank you for sharing. :-)
    I can't remember if it was in one of your books or on a blog post but I seem to remember you saying that you liked to brew some nettle tea.