Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mother Nature's Baby: The Essential Baby Guide to Natural Cures & Chemical Free Living - Available on Amazon Now!

I'm thrilled to announce that my latest book, Mother Nature's Baby, is now available for Kindle on Amazon! (Paperback versions should be ready in a week or two.) Many of you have requested a book on natural baby care, so this one's for you.

In this book, I cover everything from teething and colic to breastfeeding and lactation. There's also a helpful section on natural housecleaning, including my own recipes and home remedies that replace household cleaners with natural solutions, cheaply and effectively. You'll even find several health and beauty remedies perfect for the pregnant or nursing mom!

Thanks to all for your continued support and ideas! And a special thanks to my talented friend, Ann, of Ann Troast Photography, for honoring me with the use of this gorgeous baby photo of her even more beautiful baby.

If you get a chance to read Mother Nature's Baby, I'd welcome your input!


  1. You'll even find several health and beauty remedies perfect for the pregnant or nursing mom!playard by thebabyguides

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