Monday, May 19, 2014

I've Been Sneaking Around: Confessions of a Split Personality

It's true, I've been sneaking around. I didn't mean to hide it from you, I really didn't, but sometimes you just gotta have a little something on the side, you know? Shake life up a bit. Enjoy an escape from reality. Exit the pressures of nonfiction. A little side trip into the realm of fiction writing.

(What did you think I was talking about?)

It's true, I've been doing some writing on the side. A lot, actually, and it's been going on for years now. My fiction writing days started when I was a wee girl of eight years old. The first long story I have is in an old vinyl coated notebook emblazoned with the word "Disco!" The story is a poignant tale of a rabbit and how he got long ears. It has never seen the light of day.

Neither has any of my fiction, for that matter, until several months ago when I published my first collection of funny short stories. Where are they, you ask? Why have you not been informed? Here's where my confession comes in: I've been writing under the name of Michelle Sandoval when no one was looking. I'd contemplated sharing this with you from the beginning, but the stories that this Michelle character writes are sometimes a bit edgy. There are no herbs involved. And some of her characters even swear.

The first book is an original and unexpected title. It is called This Book is Funny: Humorous Short Stories, Satire, and Scripty Sorts of Things. Most of the stories are quite short, just perfect for reading on your Kindle while waiting in line at the store or sitting on hold to yell at your internet provider who has one more time screwed up your bill, so in order to get your heart rate back down while listening to their crappy hold music, you feel the need to read something humorous to ease the tension building behind your eyeballs.

Secret Sandoval Book #2 is called As Luck Would Have It: Stories of Humor, Pathos, & the Occasional Farm Animal. These stories are still funny but a bit longer and a bit more sentimental, set in the era of the Great Depression. And there's a super cute donkey on the cover. Okay, it's a mule. I know it's a mule. But do you have any idea at all how difficult it is to find a good photo of a donkey? I came an inch from stealing one off the internet, or just plain stealing a donkey and then photographing it, but then I'd really have something to confess to.

Now that the secret is out and my soul is cleansed, it's time for me to go back to work. Ms. Sandoval wants to take over and work on that humorous mystery novel we got going. And I plan on converting her to green smoothies, but she's resistant, this one. I think she's hiding Oreos under the desk.

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  1. It's about time you came out! And true to form, this post shows your real personality! I have read both This Book is Funny and As Luck Would Have It and enjoy every single word, but then I'm a sucker for historical fiction of any era. Thanks for writing all of your books and now sharing with the world that two of my favorite authors are one and the same. I couldn't be happier.