Saturday, February 28, 2015

Diane Kidman, Woman of Mystery: The Columba Express, S.G. Stantin, and Other Quandries

Call it a problem I have: Whenever I write in a new genre, I feel the need to recreate myself somehow, make a new name, start afresh. My latest book, The Columba Express, is so far from herbalism and natural remedies that putting it out there under the name of Diane Kidman just wasn't working for me. While it is humorous, I don't believe there's a single herb in it. And I can't think of a remedy for murder. (Hey, there's another mystery book title! Note to self: Remedy for Murder. Woman gets whacked to death with a dandelion. Perfect.)

If you'd like to check out a funny private investigator novel, The Columba Express is now available on Amazon in Kindle format or as a paperback. Or you can find it on CreateSpace if you happen to own a bookstore or a library and would love to get your hands on an entire box of the books. They'd also make a lovely decorating element, as the cover is a bright, vibrant red with a bird feather upon it. Frame them. Leave them about the house as eye-catching conversation starters. Or read it multiple times, it's your choice.

I think I am done with my split personality syndrome for now. The name game has gotten me dizzy, which is making it difficult to write the next novel. (Working Title: Murder on the Silver Screen.)

Here's the description of The Columba Express:

The last thing Albuquerque artist Rita McCready wants is to get more involved in her uncle's detective business. But from the moment novice investigator Jack Farkle shows up, she realizes she's got no choice. Jack, a recent transplant to quirky New Mexico, is a clumsy throwback to another era, who may just do more harm than good. Or perhaps he's got more going for him than his trenchcoat and his favorite fedora. 
This fast-paced, humorous mystery is loaded with witty banter, flapping pigeons, and dead bodies. S.G. Stantin's first mystery novel, The Columba Express, will leave you feeling glad you're only at the beginning of this exciting new series.
Grab your S.G. Stantin breakout mystery novel, The Columba Express, today!